about us

Santa Fe is an international leader in applied complexity, simulation and complex systems visualization. Santa Fe Complex expands that leadership through a community studio creating connections across science, technology and art. We emphasize collaboration, communication and education in all of our activities.

Collaboration lets people at the complex address real-world problems to create economic opportunities in areas like applied complexity, urban planning and simulation, and computational arts.


Santa Fe Complex is a partner in Economic Development with the City of Santa Fe.

Education through the principle of learning-by-doing means lets students of all ages be part of, and contribute to, the project team. We offer formal classes, lectures, and internships on real-world projects for students and the general public.

Communication about our work expands the community studio by involving local, national and international communities in that work. Whether it’s a live feed or published reports, we broadcast our work — and the role Santa Fe plays in this important effort — to all interested parties.

Our strength comes from our programs and collaborators such as:

  • Education Collaborations: College of Santa Fe • Santa Fe Community College • Warehouse 21 • Santa Fe Institute • National Science Foundation Project GUTS • New Mexico Supercomputing Challenge • Monte Del Sol Charter High School • Santa Fe High School • Capital High School
  • Example Formal Courses: CSF, SFCC and high school credit classes • Software Architecture • Intro to Complex Systems • Survey of Interactive Art • Survey of Computational Aesthetics • Intro to Computer Simulation • Applied Complexity Projects • Computer Game Design • Statistics and Data Analysis • Discrete Math and Computer Science
  • Public Programs To-Date: Andrew Cohill: New Mexico statewide and local broadband initiatives • Pangea Day • Stereo 3D Blender • BarCamp08 • City Housing Summit • NW Quadrant Review • Math Circle • Terry Borst: Serious Games, Simulations and Autonomous Actors in Evolving Worlds • LIDAR & GIS Systems

We are a volunteer-based non-profit organization. You can support our work with your donations and your time. Call us at 505/216.7562 to learn more.