1st-Mile Institute

The 1st-Mile Institute has been established to provide broadband networked society research, education and demonstration project services, with a dedicated focus on economic quality-of-life enhancing networking initiatives for the State, the communities and the people of New Mexico.

The 1st-Mile Institute is a ‘think and do tank’, engaging in research, education, consulting and contracted services.  The Institute will (web) publish and conduct conferences and workshops.


1st-Mile Institute objectives include:

  • To promote local economy generating, ‘open networked’ broadband systems and services.
  • To be a trusted, politically neutral organization, advocating for effective public-private partnership opportunities and multi-sector benefits from networked society development.
  • To integrate statewide and community ‘networked information economies’ within complex whole-ecosystems understandings and practices.


1st-Mile Institute projects and initiatives include:

  • 1st-Mile New Mexico Initiative: web site and email list: www.1st-mile.com. List subscription and archive link are here.
  • “New Mexico Integrated Strategic Broadband Initiative” (NM-ISBI) 2008. The State’s broadband plan was authored by Richard Lowenberg, with Design Nine, Inc., also being contracted to coordinate and prepare broadband stimulus proposals for the State.
  • “Fast Forward New Mexico”: 2012 State Broadband Conference.  1st-Mile Institute is tasked with organizing / hosting the conference, as an NTIA-BTOP Sustainable Broadband Adoption grant partner on the State Library’s “Fast Forward New Mexico” project.

    1st-Mile Institute has been supported in part by 2008 / 2009 grants from NM McCune Foundation.

    1st-Mile Institute operates as a program of 501(c)(3) nonprofit Santa Fe Complex.

    Richard Lowenberg, Director                                rl@1st-mile.com

    1st-Mile Institute, P.O. Box 8001, Santa Fe, NM  87504    505-603-5200           www.1st-mile.com