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As the Wallow Fire in Arizona continues to burn towards New Mexico, a wild simulation company based out of Santa Fe is using some of the latest technology to track and model the fire.

With the projector off- the table is simply a box of sand- but with the flip of a switch SimTable operators can present 3D layouts of a fire and simulate its direction and burn patterns. The system also can model weather patterns, account for different types of fuel and how they burn, topography and fire fighting methods. more

SimTable Joins Arizona Wallow Fire Fight TIME Techland

Its a giant walled-in table of sand—a sandbox by any other name—and its helping predict where the deadly Arizona Wallow Fire could go next.

That fire, currently raging through Arizonas eastern mountains, continues to burn out of control as it races towards New Mexico—its already blackened over 600 square miles of Arizona timberland and forced nearly 6,000 evacuations.

Enter SimTable, a setup that uses a projector, digital technology and a table covered in playground-variety sand to create elaborate topographical representations of the Arizona Wallow Fire (named for the Bear Wallow Wilderness area where the fire started). Its the work of a Santa Fe-based research company that wanted to craft an interactive 3D fire simulator. Using the table, researchers can simulate a fires direction and burn patterns as well as weather, traffic, evacuation routes and firefighting procedures. more

Teacher sets out to rekindle publics math romance

Staci Matlock | The New Mexican
Posted: Monday, April 18, 2011 4/16/11

Math and I had a falling out a few years ago. OK, three decades ago.

It happens with relationships. One party changes faster than the other, and the two become incompatible.

We started out great. I loved maths simple beauty, its irrefutable rules.

Then came algebra. And proofs. And really long equations.

Suddenly math was speaking in a language I couldnt understand. We sought counseling with a math teacher, but it was too late. We grew apart and, I sought out math as rarely as possible.

Then I read about some guy who thought it was possible to make math fun and accessible. He started a blog, Wild About Math!, and last fall he began hosting a math group the third Wednesday of each month at the Santa Fe Complex (a place where brainy people work with math to create some incredible, even useful, things). more

Mick Thompson and Tyler White win Alcatel-Lucent iPad App competition

Mick Thompson and Tyler White took first place and $10,000 in an Alcatel-Lucent contest to develop an iPad app using the Alcatel-Lucent location based service API.  The app they made puts your friends (using smart and non-smart phones) on a map using new location-getting techniques and shows the closest Flickr image to their location.  Mick (Collecta) and Tyler (Legend Apps) submitted the app named Peer Peer named for its verb-noun meaning.  For more information about the competition, visit the Alcatel-Lucent website.


KSFR Cinemascope | June 11, 2010

CinemascopeInterview with Ethan Bach, Jason Goodyear, and Orlando Leibovitz

Monique Anair & Matt Page | June 11, 2010

Monique Anair interviews Ethan Bach, Jason Goodyear, and Orlando Leibovitz about the upcoming interactive performance and installation Retrieving Humanity and the event Off The Rails, which will serve both to raise funds for Retrieving Humanity and to demonstrate to the public some of the technology involved. more

Albuquerque Journal North | April 30, 2010

$100M for Electric Grid

Keira Hay | April 30, 2010

A group of Massachusetts college students offered some insight Thursday into what it might take for Santa Fe to one day operate its own electricity grid.

Money, for one thing. more | April 27, 2010

Santa Fe Complex Hosts the Sixth Ignite NM

Event Calendar | April 27, 2010

The Santa Fe Complex hosts the sixth Ignite New Mexico, an event that provides a platform for anyone to share a passion, hobby, or interest. Ignite gives presenters a chance-in five minutes and twenty slides-to share their interests with a group, teaching everyone about something theyre passionate about. more

Santa Fe New Mexican | April 26, 2010

Santa Fe Complex hosts geek fun night

Ignite NM offers host of titillating topics at high-speed

Staci Matlock | April 26, 2010

Are jocks smarter than geeks? Why does Viagras shape matter? And can Gimmick Rallies make you a better person?

Inquiring minds can find out the answer to each of these titillating questions in only five minutes. Thats all the time presenters at the sixth Ignite NM have to explain their topics and show 20 slides. The fun begins at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Santa Fe Complex. more

Albuquerque Journal North | April 15, 2010

Students Aid St. Mikes Plan

Kiera Hay | April 15, 2010

The city of Santa Fe, in a far-reaching quest to revamp St. Michaels Drive, once mailed residents a survey asking them to share their thoughts on the car-clogged thoroughfare. more

Santa Fe New Mexican | April 4, 2010

Massachusetts Undergrads Team up with Middle Schoolers to Rethink Traffic Corridor

Staci Matlock | April 4, 2010

East met West earlier this week in more ways than one when several DeVargas Middle School students took time out of class to learn some real-world techniques for data collection from eight Massachusetts college students. more

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