Steve Smith

Steve Smith is founder and President of Los Alamos Visualization Associates (LAVA), a small systems development and consultancy firm specializing in visualization of complex systems but with branches specializing in Visual Analytics, Immersive Systems, Holographics, and Musification of Data. Steve retired from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in 2008 after 27 years of service.

Steve came to LANL in 1981 to develop control systems for the Proton Storage Ring with Bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics. He quickly moved into and helped develop the new fields of computer graphics, distributed information systems, scientific visualization, information visualization, virtual reality development, simulation science and finally visual analytics. Steve spent 2005 as a guest scientist at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and has worked closely with the UNM High Performance Computing Center and the Art and Science Laboratory since 1998.

Along the way, Steve also picked up more than 40 hours of graduate credit in mathematics, physics and computer science, and has taught computer graphics at UNM-LA. Over the years he has also owned an art gallery, a graphic design company, and a bookstore.

Before his career at LANL, Steve had several mini-careers variously as a radio announcer and engineer, a swim instructor, a restaurant manager, and the owner of a private investigation firm. Steve has an eclectic publication record on topics as wide as “Cellular Automota in Cytoskeletal Membrane,” “Symbiotic Intelligence,” “Network Intrusion Detection,” and “Multivariate Investment Decision Systems.” Steve’s main research interest is in “Layered Metaphor Complexes” and their application to “Perceptual Analytics” and in developing complex metaphors in virtual reality to support the exploration, discovery and analysis of complex systems. Steve has an Erdös number of 3.