Stephen Guerin

Steve is the inspiration behind the Santa Fe Complex and spends a significant percentage of his time volunteering on its behalf as a spokesperson, organizer, and developer of the intern program.

He is President of RedfishGroup, an RD consultancy based in Santa Fe, where he applies the emerging science of complex adaptive systems. His work centers on visualization, modeling, and the design of self-organizing systems.

He served on the National Science Foundation’s Human Social Dynamics Grant Review Committee and lectures on agent-based modeling and visualization as a faculty member of Santa Fe Institute’s Complex Systems Summer School. Between 2000 and 2002, Stephen worked as a Senior Software Developer at BiosGroup and participated as a member of Stuart Kauffman’s research group.

Guerin started researching chaotic systems as they applied to economic systems and business cycles in 1989. He founded RedfishGroup in 1991 to provide special effects animation, video editing, and commercial printing. Operations were shifted to Beijing in 1994 to develop a series of Chinese language translation tools. RedfishGroup went on to provide Internet programming and consulting to multinational and Chinese firms with presences in Beijing and Shanghai.

After returning from China in 1997, Guerin spent a few years of research in cognitive science looking for applications to distributed software systems. RedfishGroup’s long-term mission is to create living software systems.