Irene Lee

Irene’s interest is exploring the use of new technologies, from agent based modeling to network visualization, as tools to teach and learn about computational thinking and complex adaptive systems.

She is currently the principal investigator and program director of Santa Fe Institute’s Project GUTS: Growing Up Thinking Scientifically, which is funded by the National Science Foundation. Irene’s research and program development efforts are grounded in her experiences as an educator. As a science specialist for the afterschool enrichment program in the Santa Fe public schools, Irene saw first-hand the opportunities that afterschool and summer science programs can provide.

Between 2003-2007, Irene he facilitated the Santa Fe Institute / Massachusetts Institute of Technology Adventures in Modeling Program (NSF-ITEST), which prepared teachers to integrate computer modeling and simulation into their classrooms. Irene also initiated the Santa Fe Institute’s Summer Internship Mentorship Program for high school students’ Supercomputing Challenge projects.

She has designed and programmed educational and video games for Electronic Arts and Theatrix Interactive / Berkeley Learning Technologies.

Irene was the founding president and executive director of the Swarm Development Group. She serves on the board of the Supercomputing Challenge, the Santa Fe Complex, and was a member of the Math and Science Advisory Committee of the New Mexico Public Education Department. She was recently appointed to serve on the New Mexico Technology in Education Council.

Irene received her BA in pure mathematics from the University of Chicago and her EdM in technology in education from Harvard University Graduate School of Education.