| April 27, 2010

Santa Fe Complex Hosts the Sixth Ignite NM

Event Calendar | April 27, 2010

The Santa Fe Complex hosts the sixth Ignite New Mexico, an event that provides a platform for anyone to share a passion, hobby, or interest. Ignite gives presenters a chance-in five minutes and twenty slides-to share their interests with a group, teaching everyone about something theyre passionate about. Speakers for Ignite #6 have now been selected, and the topics cover a lot of ground!

Topics | Ignite #6

  • How your local economy really works Mark Lautman
  • How to get on Google Maps Hope Kiah
  • Schoolhouse Rock: How to provide individualized education for less $ than big-box schools Trace Rabern
  • What Ive learned from lifting weights, and why jocks may actually be smarter than the geeks! Randy Steward
  • How to write and talk music: Translate song into meaningful dialog (without sounding like a total jerk) Todd E Lovato
  • The Diggers: An action-adventure screenplay featuring New Mexicos beauty, history and culture James Glover
  • Why the shape of Viagra matters John MacCuish
  • How Gimmick Rallies can make you a better person Matt Ruybal
  • What it feels like to race a marathon Andrea Feucht
  • Forget the haters: Heres how we can do community broadband Scott White

Ignite is open to everyone so make sure to bring your friends, family, coworkers, anyone. Sign up here, and take our quiz for a game coming up at Ignite.

See you there!


Sixth Ignite New Mexico

Santa Fe Complex
632 Agua Fria
Santa Fe NM

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM
April 28, 2010

Online Information:

The Santa Fe Complex