Simtable Wins $100,000 VAF Award

Simtable, a company that got its start at the Santa Fe Complex, has been selected as the recipient of a $100,000 award from the Los Alamos National Security, LLC Venture Acceleration Fund.

Chip Garner and Stephen Guerin shed new light on wildfire modeling. Photo Credit: Bill Stengel

Simtable is a technology developed for wildfire training, incident command, and community outreach that combines hardware and software to create simulations on sand. In the past, firefighters have modeled their response to a fire by moving matchbox cars and pieces of  yarn on a tabletop filled with sand, using the sand to represent the landscape.

With Simtable, 

Google Earth and GIS data are projected onto the sand surface, allowing the user to hand-model 

the terrain elevation. Changes in the sand surface are an interactive part of the model, so that if a fire is simulated in the sand, the model will show where it is most likely to spread, as well as where traffic will backlog during an evacuation.

Simtable’s $100,000 Venture Acceleration Fund award will be used to improve the user interface for its hardware and software, market and advertise the product, and seed firefighting academies with Simtable’s hardware and software set ups customized for the curriculum.

Simtable Chief Technology Officer Stephen Guerin said, “Venture Acceleration Fund support is allowing us to move research developed at the Santa Fe Complex out of a lab environment and into the market for real-world validation. Were excited to receive not only the funding but also to benefit from the expertise of the whole Northern New Mexico Connect team to help us build a marketable product.”

The Santa Fe company participated in the New Mexico Small Business Assistance program, working with Los Alamos National Laboratory scientist Rohan Loveland on machine vision algorithms. Simtable’s project team includes Chas Curtis, Stephen Guerin, and Chip Garner.

About The Laboratory’s Venture Acceleration Fund
The Laboratory’s Venture Acceleration Fund invests in creating and growing Northern New Mexico businesses that have an association with LANL technology or expertise. Venture Acceleration Fund investments help the companies and their technologies reach the next level of success through proof-of-concept, prototyping, securing initial customers, or additional funding.

 “The primary driver for LANS’s investments in the region through the Venture Acceleration Fund is to reduce the commercialization risk inherent in technology-based small businesses striving valiantly for job retention and growth,” said Steve Girrens, the Laboratory’s Technology Transfer Division leader.

 The Venture Acceleration Fund is an initiative of Northern New Mexico Connect, the principal economic development investment arm of LANS and Los Alamos National Laboratory.

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